“At Woodology, each piece is about a relationship…”

“…seeking to really know and care about what our client/customer wants,” says Collin Christensen, partner at the custom woodworking shop just outside of Atlanta, GA.

woodology wide shot table

Started in 2010, Woodology focuses on custom projects ranging from countertops to storage to furniture.

While the two-man shop works with reclaimed wood and other wood species, they also like to build with new Southern Yellow Pine.
“Due to its neutral color, there is such a great ease while staining SYP, “ says Christensen. “Color really adheres to it and creates a vibrant color. SYP also looks good naturally.”

For outdoor projects, such as Adirondack chairs or a backyard swing, Woodology turns to pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine.

woodology chairs

They say that since SYP can be purchased either treated or untreated, it makes it an extremely versatile material for both indoor and outdoor use.

While working this particular soft wood, they recommend taking great care during the construction process not to dent or crack the wood. They recommend a lot of pre-drilling so the boards don’t split.

Overall, Woodology, lauds Southern Yellow Pine as an affordable, light, and easy building material.

“It is also American, readily available, and easy to find good straight pieces.”

There are plenty of reasons to build with SYP, Christensen says. There’s one reason that makes it particularly unique: “I think it smells the best.”

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