southern yellow pine wood decking

Pressure-treated Southern Pine decking has been the preferred decking material for over 60 years.

In recent years the deck has become so much more than just a place to store the grill. It has become an outdoor room which extends a home’s living area.. With cutting-edge grills and accessories, novel lighting solutions, festive table settings and even innovative mosquito barriers, outdoor entertaining has become an art form. And as with all art, the most important element is the canvas –in this case, the deck itself.

You craft your artwork with only the best materials – those with a proven history of success. So why would you use anything but best material to build your deck?

Beautiful. Your deck should be beautiful while blending effortlessly with its surroundings. Unless you have plastic trees or vinyl bushes in your yard, real wood decking is the only material that looks truly natural and blends in with the rest of your yard.


treated pine dock Strong. Southern Pine radius edge decking is at least four times stronger than composite products. And treated Southern Pine decking is made to withstand the elements – whether on the ground or above it. So when you decide to build your next deck or upgrade your existing one, choose the decking material strong enough to support itself – choose treated Southern Pine.

  •  Durable. Because Southern Pine is such a dense wood, it is extremely durable and able to withstand just about anything your family and Mother Nature can throw at it. Other wood species can be damaged easily by regular foot traffic and pet claws because they aren’t as dense as Southern Pine and have softer surfaces.
SYP Wood deck at a lake

Copyright: Iriana Shiyan

Economical. Pressure-treated Southern Pine decking is one of the most cost effective decking choices available. Exotic hardwoods, cedar and redwood decking can cost up to four times as much as Southern Pine; artificial wood decking could cost up to five times as much as treated Southern Pine.

Environmentally Friendly. Wood is a renewable resource, meaning that new trees are constantly planted to replace the ones we use. Southern Pine trees come from healthy, thriving Southern Pine forests which are managed following sustainable forestry practices to ensure that Southern Pine forests will be maintained for generations to come. Exotic hardwoods are extracted from rainforests in countries where sustainable forestry is not practiced and more trees are harvested than are planted. Plastic and vinyl are made with petroleum, a finite resource. Once finite resources are gone, they are gone forever. Furthermore, the manufacture of wood products requires less energy and yields far less air and water pollution than the manufacture of plastic and composite decking.

wood dog suite

It’s a sweet dog suite framed in Southern Yellow Pine.


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