We had such a fun time working with Sarah from Ugly Duckling House. She had a goal of transforming her backyard from a big piece of blah into something truly amazing. We’re happy to share the journey with you.

The biggest thing Sarah learned during this process is that she’d have to use Ground Contact rated pressure treated lumber for the entire project. That’s because most of the project was right next to the ground. It’s always a good idea to make sure you get the right type of material for your project and we’re glad she did.

Here’s a preview. Please go to her site for the full post.

One of the biggest new pieces of info I picked up as I made my deck plan was discovering that I would likely need to use Ground Contact lumber for the entire project. I was excited to bring Wood Its Real onboard as a sponsor, and I’m so glad I did when I did, because it was through them that I learned about these new recommendations.

My Ugly Duckling House