“After a little brainstorming we decided that an easy way to do that (add an extra entertaining area) was to replace the windows in the dining room with a door wall that would lead onto a deck. In this post I detail the steps I took to build this deck.”

Source: rogueengineer.com

At Wood. It’s Real. we talk a lot about building decks. That’s because Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine is a great material for decks. Wood is the only 100% renewable, recyclable, reusable and biodegradable building material. Our sustainable forests in the U.S. are in better shape today than they were a century ago – and there are more of them.

Pressure treated wood remains the number one outdoor decking material in the country. It’s readily available, affordable, durable, strong, and easy to use. The return on investment on a wood deck is greater than those built with other materials.

An example of a deck that was built in Michigan is from Jamison Rantz aka The Rogue Engineer. In this illustrative post, he walks through his journey of building an attached deck to his fixer upper house. The house itself is small and he wanted to build more outdoor space. An attached deck was the obvious choice and we’re delighted he chose SYP  as his building material. Find out the hows and the whys of his project here.

attached deck plans

Oh and he loves chainsaws. So that’s fun. Just remember to be safe if you decide to pick up a big tool like that. What do you think? Did the new deck make his fixer upper nicer?