Decking Inspiration for Those Lazy Hazy Days of Summer at the Cabin

Photo by Demitri Hernandez

Whether your lake life is about peace and tranquility or lively family vacations, a beautifully crafted and environmentally friendly deck can elevate the experience. Southern Yellow Pine (SYP), with its strength and durability, is a stellar choice for this purpose.

Being adjacent to water bodies, lake decks and docks are exposed to unique challenges like that could lead to mold and mildew  damage. So, building with a top-performing material is a must. With that in mind, SYP is a no-brainer. Its unique cellular structure makes it especially suitable for pressure treatment, a process that enhances resistance to decay and rot.

Renowned for its impressive density and stability, it’s ideal for outdoor surfaces that see heavy foot traffic, endure harsh weather, and host countless lakeside celebrations over the years. 

Beyond its superior performance, SYP is also a sustainable choice, while contributing to carbon sequestration, aiding climate stabilization. Additionally, preserved SYP lasts longer, leading to fewer replacements and thus a smaller environmental footprint. And really, life at the lake is about making memories, not replacing decking boards. 

Lastly, the aesthetic appeal of SYP, with its distinct grain pattern and golden color, effortlessly enhances any lakeside abode. It blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings, striking a perfect balance between human habitation and the pristine environment of the lake.

Let’s take a closer look at these benefits through four stunning SYP decks, each offering a unique interpretation of lakeside living.

Dock Deck by Power Group Construction 

We’re loving this awe-inspiring deck by Power Group Construction. The team’s superb craftsmanship shines through in the vast enclosure that reaches right to the water’s edge. This expansive Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) creation showcases the impeccable interplay of strength, durability, and beauty. It’s a testament to how SYP inspires builders to transcend the ordinary. The adjoining wraparound dock, also crafted from SYP, amplifies the continuity between land and water, enhancing the waterfront experience. 

Winding Deck by The Garden Design Co Ltd

 This deck and pathway, a remarkable collaboration between the Garden Design Co Ltd, Jo Alderson Phillips, and Master Deck Co is a true celebration of harmony with nature. Overlooking a serene pond nestled in a grassy meadow, the deck offers a tranquil retreat. The magic lies in the SYP floating, winding dock pathway. It bridges the land and water, providing an immersive experience of the environment. Close to water yet respectful of nature, this deck and pathway reveal the true potential of lake life living with SYP.

Standalone Deck by Riverport Outdoor

Sometimes less is more. Case in point: this minimalist floating deck. By foregoing railings, the design truly celebrates unobstructed water views, fusing the deck with its picturesque surroundings. The deck, which extends from an atrium, blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a seamless transition that enhances the experience of waterfront living. SYP was the choice for this project, its strength and natural beauty echoing the tranquility of the waterfront. 

Covered Deck by Kurtis Prevett 

Bringing year-round entertainment to the waterfront, this standalone outdoor deck by Kurtis Prevett of @ibuildingservices is a dream come true for lake life lovers. With a covered area for shelter from the elements, this deck ensures the enjoyment of pond-side gatherings throughout the seasons. Fostering a deep connection with the natural surroundings, SYP is the perfect companion for this multilevel lakeside gem. 

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