Find Out What’s Hot in Patio Designs this Season

Thinking about installing a new deck? Then you probably want a design that will enhance your backyard living for decades to come. Different styles may come and go, but you can always redecorate your outdoor living space accordingly by updating soft furnishings such as outdoor cushions etc. But the deck itself should have timeless appeal and long-term functionality. The following decking solutions for 2022 will help you achieve that.

Tiered Stairs are one of the Hottest Decking Solutions for 2022. Photo courtesy Astounding Grounds Ltd.

Wide Tiered Stairs

More and more homeowners are opting for multi-level decks. They can easily define designated areas, without breaking up visual flow. So, for example, you can separate your grill station from your entertaining area. Multi-level decks also unify the yard, deck and home together while beautifully blurring the lines between interior and exterior space. Whereas narrow single staircases create a disconnect between the grassy areas and deck. 

Low, wide steps that gently lead down to the garden also provide casual seating for those times when the deck is full. Since these sections are typically uncovered, pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) is an excellent choice – it’s strong, durable and can stand up to the elements. 

Customized Privacy Screens

If you want to enclose the deck, you can incorporate a stylish privacy screen so it looks less like an afterthought and more like an integral part of your decking design. The key is to use a natural building material that harmonizes with your green space. Southern Yellow Pine has a beautiful golden yellow hue so it always looks warm and inviting against any foliage. But at the same time, it’s a dense wood that will securely encompass your backyard sanctuary. 

Plus, SYP is easy to work with, it holds nails and fasteners exceptionally well. This ease of construction allows you to focus on the creative side of designing and installing a privacy screen.

Environmentally Sound Material

Building a deck with a natural building material that will last for decades isn’t so much a trend but the wave of the future. That’s because woods such as SYP, capture and retain carbon, which helps the atmosphere and benefits climate stabilization. Aesthetically, natural decking adds character and texture to an outdoor living space. Plastic decking, on the other hand, looks like… well… plastic. Try as they might, man-made materials don’t come close to duplicating the natural look and feel of a real wood deck. 

Also, good luck trying to give your neighbors deck envy with a synthetic deck that gets hot to the touch in the sun and leaves a huge carbon footprint. Not gonna happen.