Wood brings warmth and natural beauty to a variety of interior and exterior  projects, ranging from decks, gazebos and pergolas to walls, cabinets and ceilings. And,research has shown that designing with natural elements like wood can lower stress levels, creating a healthier home.

Source: www.woodnaturally.com

Sometimes people ask why they should build with wood.

The reasons are simple: it’s good for the environment and, as research has shown, it’s good for you.

The world can be a stressful place…

…which is why it’s great that something as simple as building with one of nature’s basic materials has been shown to actually lower stress levels. Couple that with the fact that Southern Yellow Pine is renewable and has a negative carbon footprint as it leaves the mill and you’ve got yourself a deal. Click on the link above  to find out how building with wood can create a healthy home.