Build Some Memories

There are precious few things from our childhood that we remember with more clarity than the best swing sets we played on for hours in playgrounds or our own backyards. With a little bit of imagination, elbow grease and quality wood, you can be the neighborhood hero, building a backyard playground sure to impress even the most discerning child.

Pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine is a great choice to build a sturdy swing set that will withstand the outdoor elements and will last season after season. Not only will the wood not break the bank, but its strength and durability will make the hard work you put into building it, pay off in years of enjoyment.

Kids Ahoy!

Definitely not a traditional swing set, this Noah’s Ark-inspired backyard play structure will inspire hours of fun and imagination for kids of all ages. More than just a structure on which to swing and slide, this swing set is sure to keep kids outside as they explore and exercise and have fun on a structure that will long outlast their energy.

Fort, right?

What child wouldn’t love a fort? This play structure is less about swinging and more about running and climbing and scaling and descending, with some swinging on the side. This swing set will make you look like an engineering genius but is actually rather simple to build.

How big can you go?

Swing sets can take up a lot of space, but tower structures, as opposed to giant triangular base structures, are definitely a bit more forgiving when it comes to yards without an abundance of space. We love this type of structure for its versality; make it huge, make it small, enclose the upper floor or the bottom (or both!) to create a fun clubhouse. The options are endless.  

No space? No problem!

A swing set doesn’t have to be a giant structure with a slide and a climbing wall. We love this simple swing set that can really go in even the tiniest spot of land. Only have space for one swing? No problem! How cute with this be in your garden?

Love all the things!

Got one kid who loves to climb? Another who lives to slide? Another who likes to swing? Some who like all the things? Swing sets that offer ‘the more the better’ are a great choice if you have the room and the patience, and the time. This awesome swing seat boasts a rock-climbing wall, a rope wall and, if you look carefully, you’ll note a dizzy-inducing tire swing hiding under the treehouse. This set is guaranteed to enjoy hours of entertainment and abuse from the most adventurous kids.

(Images via Shutterstock, via Houzz)