Pressure Treated SYP for DIY

Photo via Wood, Naturally

Southern Yellow Pine — or SYP when you’re texting — is the best possible lumber for your DIY projects. It’s attractive, abundant and affordable, but it’s also ideal for outdoor use. When you choose pressure treated SYP, you get plenty of peace of mind that your project will last for years through all kinds of weather.

So why should you seek out pressure treated SYP for your next DIY swing set, gazebo or deck?

Four big reasons:

1. Southern Yellow Pine is Strong

Pine is a soft wood, but don’t let that fool you. Southern Yellow Pine is so tough that it’s the material of choice for building thrilling wooden roller coasters. The straight grain and sturdy boards will stand up to all kinds of use, from dogs to kids — and even your buddies on game day.

2. Southern Yellow Pine is Dense

SYP has a tight, dense grain, which means it’s less prone to warping and cracking. That grain will hold tight to every nail you sink into it, meaning you’ll spend less time going back to reset nails or make small adjustments over time. Build it once, enjoy it for years.

3. Southern Yellow Pine is Weather-Resistant

Pressure treated lumber is real wood, but better. The treatment process injects Southern Yellow Pine with a substance that allows it to resist rot so that it can get rained on, hailed on or snowed on without falling apart. You get the great look of real Southern Yellow Pine with superhuman — um, make that super-tree — anti-aging powers.

4. Southern Yellow Pine is Versatile

Unlike composite boards that are made of molded plastics and polymers, pressure-treated SYP can be cut, nailed, painted and stained just like real wood. That’s because it is real wood. Composite boards are often limited to specific decking systems, and their color can’t be changed — except for when it fades on its own in the sun.

Pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine

Photo via Wood, Naturally

When you choose pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine, you get to work with the same great lumber you’ve always loved — including its scent! — while enjoying all the benefits of extra weather protection. Paint it, stain it or just let it age to a silvery gray over time, all while knowing the structure of your handmade project is going to stand the test of time.