From circular saws to cordless drills, power tools simplify and speed up building and remodeling projects as well as general woodworking tasks. But when used incorrectly, these household helpers can injure, maim, and even kill. The best way to prevent a trip to the emergency room is to familiarize yourself with a power tool’s safe operating practices before you ever turn it on. Knowledge and preparedness are key, so click through to read about some of the dangers associated with 10 of the most popular power tools.


It’s true. Power tools can be extremely dangerous. Think about it: these tools are strong enough to rip through big ol’ trees and other strong materials.

Some of us around here might still be learning how to just hit the nail on the head and are nowhere near learning how to maneuver a power tool. However, pulling out the big tools is inevitably part of any DIYers journey.

Before you pick up one of these tools, it’s important to understand them. Click through this slideshow to learn more about some of the dangers of popular tools and how you can keep yourself safe.