Southern Pine Octogon Deck and pergola8

“Building a new deck is a great way to increase usable living space that the whole family can enjoy, without breaking the bank. Compared to building an addition or converting an attic, constructing a deck costs a lot less, but provides one of the top ROI’s of all remodel projects.”


Pressure Treated Deck = High Return On Investment

When building a deck, it’s nice to know that you’ll recoup most of the costs when and if you sell your home. That’s especially true if you use a quality wood such as pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine. According to this article from, “Quality wood materials have the highest ROI, and composites are about 15-20% less.”

A Decking Calculator

This site also includes a very handy calculator tool that lets you know a ballpark figure for the cost of replacing your deck or deck boards based on the material you choose and your location. Based on a calculation we ran for the Atlanta area, using pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine to replace deck boards on a 360 square foot deck cost a whopping 60% less than the most expensive, and least environmentally sustainable, product. We ran the same calculator for areas ranging from San Francisco to New York City and found that the calculator ALWAYS listed pressure treated lumber as the most affordable decking option.

Find SYP

How accurate do you find this calculator to be? Do you know where you can find Southern Yellow Pine? Or a deck builder? We’re happy to help.