In a world increasingly interested in low-maintenance home products, Southern Pine is the clear choice. It’s not only easy to buy and use, Southern Pine is also easy to take care of. Follow these easy steps to care for Southern Pine decks and floors.

Taking care of your Southern Pine deck or Southern Pine porch

Don’t buy into the hype that real wood is harder to maintain than composites or other options. It’s just not true. While no building product on the market is completely maintenance-free, Southern Pine decking comes close: we recommend cleaning your Southern Pine deck or porch once a year to wash away excess dirt and applying a water-repellant sealer every couple of years to keep it looking good. That’s it. How easy is that?

Taking care of your interior Southern Pine floors

 After your new Southern Pine floor is properly stained or sealed and buffed, how can you protect your investment? The durability of the Southern Pine means bring on the dogs, children, nd high traffic; your Southern Pine floor will stand the test of time. Just a few simple tips will keep your golden Southern Pine floor shining like new:

  • Use door mats at all entryways to keep excess dirt and grime off the Southern Pine floors. Rubber-backed mats can leave a residue on the pine floor, so choose a natural fiber instead.

  • If you need to relocate a large piece of furniture on your Southern Pine floor, don’t slide it! Instead, use a large piece of plywood underneath the item to protect the Southern Pine floor from scratches. By the same token, place floor protectors underneath all furniture bottoms.

  • Consider throwing down a nice area rug in rooms with lots of traffic.

  • Avoid wearing high heels as a pointy tip could create a dent in your beautiful Southern Pine floor.

  • Sweep your Southern Pine floors regularly, especially if you share your home with children and pets.

  • Avoid direct, bright sunlight on your Southern Pine floor as the wood can potentially fade a bit.

  • Instead of using water to clean your Southern Pine floors, consider using wood floor cleaner.