We had such a fun time working with Sarah from Ugly Duckling House. She had a goal of transforming her backyard from a big piece of blah into something truly amazing. We’re happy to share the journey with you.

In this post, Sarah has already planned the layout and built/waterproofed the frame. Now, it’s onto the exciting part: laying the deck boards.

Here’s a preview. Please go to her site for the full post.

Laying the deck at a diagonal:

Getting the 45-degree angle was easier than I thought it was going to be. I think the main reason for that is because the angle was spot-on from the frame underneath. To make sure I kept my alignment correct, every now and then, I’d extend a board with a square edge perpendicular to the 45-degree angle I was laying the boards to. As long as the bit hanging off of the other end was even and not crooked, I was good to go.

ugly duckling house