We’re pretty one-sided here when it comes to recommending a building material for decking or other outside project. Here are four things to help you know about SYP and how it compares to the competition.

rail close up

  • Easy to Use. Treated Southern Pine decking is a favorite because it is so versatile and easy to install. It does not require any special tools or skills like the alternatives (which often times need specialized brackets and fasteners).
  • Easy to Maintain. Don’t buy into the hype that composite, plastic, and vinyl decking is maintenance free. Nothing is maintenance free. Treated Southern Pine decking comes as close as the alternatives to living up to the claim. To keep your Southern Pine deck looking good, clean your deck periodically, and apply a water-repellant sealer every couple of years. That’s it.
  • Comfortable under foot. Artificial wood decking can become extremely hot when exposed to direct sunlight. So hot, in fact, that it can blister bare feet. Southern Pine decking, however, absorbs sunlight like a pro – never becoming so hot that you can’t walk on it barefoot.
  • Safe. Southern Pine is treated with preservatives that scientific tests prove pose no measurable risk to people, animals, plants or marine life when used as intended.

(Images via Wood. It’s Real.)