It’s Decking Time

When you’re looking to invest in a major outdoor structure such as a deck, it’s important to look at many factors: cost, look, and upkeep. And you might come across a lot of information on the types of materials you can use.

Wood vs. Composite

The folks over at Wood, Naturally have put together a brief video that explains why wood is the best choice for building a deck.

Southern Yellow Pine Decking

Southern Yellow Pine, one of the primary lumber types used to build decks, is U.S. grown. That means SYP has not only a positive environmental impact but also an economic one.

  • The strength of the wood makes Southern Pine the best choice, whether you plan to build a deck with pressure treated Southern Pine, create a gorgeous entryway to your home by installing Southern Pine floors, panel a wall with pine paneling or build a playset with Southern Pine timbers.
  • The density of Southern Pine allows it to hold nails better, meaning you won’t have to go back and redo parts of your project.
  • The durability of the wood means bring on the dogs, children and high traffic, your Southern Pine porch, deck or floor will stand the test of time.

We have a lot of resources here on Wood. It’s Real. to help get you started building a deck, check out some of the stories below.