We’re big fans of DIY projects that make your own indoor or outdoor living space a bit more enjoyable but it’s all too easy to overlook one of the most loved people in your household: Fido!

Dog houses are a perfect project for DIYers of all levels. It’s a project that can be as simple or as fancy as you want and can make it, based on your skills, experience, and patience. Whether you need wood that can withstand harsh elements outside or to be an attractive piece inside, Southern Yellow Pine is the perfect wood to help you complete this fun project.

Simply perfect

When you think ‘dog house,’ this style is likely what you immediately visualize. Sometimes, simple is better, and especially for newer DIYers, the traditional dog house is a perfect project to get your feet wet before trying more significant back yard projects. We’re confident your dog won’t care that it’s a simple design for you to master. They’ll just be glad they have their own space to call their own.

Room with a view

This dog house is for a more intermediate DIYer who wants to kick the typical dog house design up a notch. Why should decks just be for our houses? This dog house comes fully equipped (once you build it, of course) with a cozy place to hide and rest and a lovely outdoor space to take in the yard with a view. You can always choose to skip the stairs and deck of this project and just build the basic dog house design in the instructions, but we love the idea of a doggy deck.

No space? No problem!

This dog house meets Murphy bed is the perfect project for smaller spaces, or if you simply enjoy the idea of having a place your dog can call their own indoors that doesn’t look like a dog house. This project is a bit more complicated than a typical dog house because of the moving parts, but we love it for its overall simplicity and its ability to be as simple or as fancy as you want to make it. Plus, projects that have dual purposes are always a bonus.

(Image via Shutterstock)