The Natural Answer

As people rely on the fun and frills of high-tech living, they also turn to natural answers for modern problems, such as how to live a green lifestyle and how to make a good choice for building materials among the myriad options.

Southern Yellow Pine

If you’re considering a construction project, whether it’s a home, fence, or anything in between, here’s why Southern Yellow Pine is a sound choice.

Sustainability, Made in America

southern yellow pine

Sustainability and green living have become more than buzzwords over the past decade, and most people now recognize how vital it is to make sure we’re still thriving on this planet for generations to come. Fortunately, trees can be one of the ways to remove excess carbon dioxide from the air and help prevent extreme climate change, making lumber a vital tool for capturing and storing excess emissions.

Southern Yellow Pine is harvested from forests throughout a number of Southern and Southern-coastal states, and you can bet those folks know how to run a sustainable operation. Each forest represents a considerable amount of carbon stored away inside its golden trunks.

In a natural forest, old-growth trees eventually wither and rot, releasing most of their captured carbon before disappearing into the soil. In a properly managed forest, trees are instead harvested at the peak of their vitality, ensuring more carbon stays within the wood when it’s shipped off to be used for construction or paper-pulp applications. Meanwhile, new seedlings are planted which will grow to capture their own store of carbon and repeat the process into the future.

Durable Natural Beauty

Southern Yellow Pine Cooler Bench from Wood. It's Real.

While concrete, plastics, and other synthetic building materials are increasingly common, many people feel that there’s no substitute for the natural glow and feel of lumber. Additionally, Southern Yellow Pine has been famous for centuries for its ultra-dense wood grain, making it one of the most durable of the “soft” wood species. That grain is also packed with pine resin that’s loaded with natural antimicrobials and preservatives, making the wood its own best weapon against rot and excessive weathering. It also readily accepts a variety of preservatives which will provide durability for a wide array of uses. This all means you’ll be able to enjoy that classic pine-fresh scent for years to come.

Lumber for Our Tomorrow


Whether you’re looking for wood siding, structural framework or furniture, Southern Yellow Pine is versatile enough to be your go-to choice for a variety of projects. With lumber sourced from sustainably managed forests, you can rest assured that you’re doing your part to protect the environment and support the American economy, all while guaranteeing a beautiful final result for you and your loved ones.

Before planning your next construction project, visit our inspiration destination to find out how Southern Yellow Pine can help make your future dreams a reality for today.